Consider yourself in skilled and compassionate hands should you find yourself seated across from Claudia in the therapy room; she is an experienced and conscientious psychotherapist who works diligently to meet the therapeutic goals of her clients and to keep her skills and knowledge up-to-date and relevant.

Because of Claudia’s own experience with hearing loss, she listens with an attention that is deep yet comfortable, validating yet non-judgmental, and balances compassion with keen perception. She has that unique ability to be truly present with you, to make you feel seen, heard and understood.
~ A.C.

Claudia was able to pinpoint some long and deep rooted issues that were interfering with my relationships with those I love. She helped me see where they came from and gave me some tools with which to help me change my responses to various events. She did this in a kind, caring way. She never made me feel bad about my reactions she approached them from a positive angle. I truly appreciate all that she did for me. I know that more stressful situations are looming in front of me and I will turn to Claudia for help in dealing with them.
~ Steve, July 8, 2015

Claudia has given me an outlet for my thinking. She offers thoughtful guidance and insightful questions. Her style is firm yet caring with emphasis on working on the problem at hand while keeping sight of the big picture. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to change the place they are in and the life they are living.
~ S.C., July 6, 2015


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